Nur-Majid Ayurvedic College


(Pioneer of Ayurvedic Medical Education & Research in Bangladesh)

Department of Apiculture and Apitherapy

Honey is now days, considered and used as a promoter of wellness and immune system of human body from the time immortal. Traditionally it is used as a folk medicine and in aurvedic and unani systems of medicine it is used as ANUPANA which means enhancer and quick carrier of medicine. The honey bees play important role behind this valuable precious miracle HONEY. The honey bee does not only produce honey but also bee venom, royal jelly, pollen, propolise, beewax and apinarnil which are full of high medicinal values and used in manufacturing of APITHERAPY, a honey bee-based treatment system gaining ever increasing popularity around the world. Now days many kind of diseases including cancer and neural disorders have been treated successfully through apitherapy. Apitherapy acts as immuno-modulator in human body and there are many kinds of formularies where honey is used as one of the active ingredients in the ayurvedic and unani system of medicine the bees also facilitate pollination among the flowers that increase crops and fruit production and enhance quality of seed and promote valuable bio-diversity. Beekeeping is becoming popular in Bangladesh as a profitable agricultural enterprise. But all beekeepers in Bangladesh produce only honey through beekeeping. They can’t harvest or produce other hive products as mentioned earlier due to lack of knowledge, skills, technologies and backward linkages like apitherapy.

For this reason, the colleges have taken a decision open to a new faculty on APICULTURE & APITHERAPY to promote beekeeping and apitherapy in BANGLADESH. It will also promote and explore the medicinal values of honey that will ultimately improve the quality of Ayurvedic and Unani system of medicine. It is highly expected that quality and sustainable medical services with low price can be ensured and established in Bangladesh through this faculty in the near future.


  • * Apiculture: Culture with honey bees to harvest and produce honey, bee wax, pollen. propolise, royal jelly, bee venom and apinarnil etc.

  • * Pollination services can be provided commercially through apiculture

  • * Apitherapy: A tretment system based on bee hive products with herb or herbal extracts and essential oil that estimulate immune system and cure diseases in a sustainable way.

  • * Immuno-modulator: Medicine or herb that stimulate immune system of body.