Nur-Majid Ayurvedic College


(Pioneer of Ayurvedic Medical Education & Research in Bangladesh)

Department of Rasayan & Vajikaron Viddha (Methods of Rejuvenating & Sexual Invigoration)

Department has established a good research laboratory for the studies in the field of Vajikarana. Many clinical trials on the effectiveness of herbs and Ayurvedic compounds have been conducted for various aspects of male reproductive disorders and sexual dysfunctions.
Rasayana is another field in which extensive studies have been carried out. Various aspects of Rasayana have been studied thoroughly and many new concepts have been established. Concept of organ specific Rasayana has been established and the role of Rasayana drugs like Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Guruchi, Shatabari, Zashtimodhu (Madhuyashti), Bhallataka, etc in the management of chronic incurable diseases has been established.