Nur-Majid Ayurvedic College


(Pioneer of Ayurvedic Medical Education & Research in Bangladesh)


The main purpose of this institute is to expand the area of traditional Ayurvedic System of medicine through updated Ayurvedic Medical Education & Research activities for the well being of the people.


  • * To build up skilled Ayurvedic Professionals, Trainer & Researchers for the development of Ayurvedic System.

  • * To provide special medical care to the ailing people of the country through the Ayurvedic System.

  • * To impart reorientation training and continuing medical education to Ayurvedic physicians and teachers in the country.

  • * To undertake collaborative research with modern medicine on important diseases.

  • * To utilize the medicinal plants and to encourage their sustainable commercial exploitation.

  • * Bring under Ayurvedic System among the people of Bangladesh.

  • * To expand the Ayurvedic System by the prevention policy using herbs, which are easy & available in our country and it will be better for public health.