Nur-Majid Ayurvedic College


(Pioneer of Ayurvedic Medical Education & Research in Bangladesh)


* A powerful & effective Managing Committee is working for the development of curriculum of the college.

* The academic program is based on the syllabus of the Bangladesh Board of Unani & Ayurvedic Systems of Medicine reflecting an authentic approach to Ayurvedic teaching.

* Course includes basic ayurvedic subjects along with anatomy, physiology, pathology, hygiene, gynecology, pharmacology and pharmacy & surgery.

* Diagnosis, prescription & drug using procedure are taught practically at the college OPD.

* Senior Ayurvedic physicians are always available to treat the patients.

* Holiday/Friday & Special program is available for the professionals.

* Students are guided & assessed in their study by the senior teachers.

* Scholars learn Ayurveda as a holistic science with the requisite theoretical & practical skills.

* Production procedures of different dosage Ayurvedic Products are taught practically at our own production plant.